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Remember when, during the campaign, Donald Trump made a big deal out of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and argued that it proved her presidency would pose a risk to national security? Well, it turns out that a website associated with Donald Trump’s campaign fundraising has been hacked by an unknown source.

Ars Technica has reported that a user known as “Pro_Mast3r” has hacked a server associated with the Trump campaign. The server known as “” is associated with Cloudflare’s content management and security platform. The server itself is not directly tied to the Trump campaign’s home page.

When originally accessed by Ars Technica, the site featured an image of a man in a fedora with a message from the hacker. However, as of this writing, the server is offline.

‘Hacked By Pro_Mast3r ~
Attacker Gov
Nothing Is Impossible
Peace From Iraq’

Screenshot via Ars Technica

As of right now, we still do not know where the hack originated. Based on the message, it may have came from Iraq, but “peace from Iraq” could have simply been a political statement. Regardless of where the message originated, it is still an embarrassing moment for the Trump administration, especially considering the fact that Trump has faced criticism for his handling of cybersecurity issues.

For example, it was recently reported by the New York Times that, despite being given a secure device, Trump still tweets from his unsecured Android phone. Senator Ron Wyden, of Oregon, called Trump’s use of an unsecured device “irresponsible.”

‘The absolutely minimum Trump could do to protect our nation is to use a secure device to protect him from foreign spies and other threats. It would be irresponsible in the extreme for the commander in chief to use an unsecure device that could be easily hacked or intercepted.’

Incidentally, this hack comes only a few days after Trump fired the person responsible for securing the White House’s communications. While Cory Louie would not have prevented this hack, as he was not responsible for the Trump campaign’s site, it still raises questions about Trump’s competence in this area.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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