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Jewish families have 3.56 people, Arabs ones have 4.59, says CBS – Israel News

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Members of the Druze community stand near a Druze flag during a rally in the Druze village of Majdal Shams..
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The average Israeli family has 3.7 people, a figure that has not changed in 20 years, according to a report released Tuesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics ahead of Family Day.

When broken down by sector, the average Jewish family has 3.56 people, and the average Arab family has 4.59.

In 2016, there were 1.99 million families living in Israel, compared with 1.66 million a decade ago. Of the 1.99 million, 1.59 million, or 80%, are Jewish, and 348,000 are Arab.

In the Arab sector, 65% of families have children under the age of 17, compared with 46% of Jewish families.

In the Jewish sector, 27% of families are comprised of only couples, compared with only 10% in the Arab sector. Both sectors have a similar rate of single- parent families, with 12% among Jewish families and 11% among Arab families.

The report also found that in 2013, 45% of families lived in one of Israel’s 14 major cities. At 33%, Tel Aviv has the highest rate of families without children, while 40% of its families are comprised of couples with children under the age of 17. In contrast, only 20.4% of families in Jerusalem are comprised of couples, while 55.9% are couples with children under the age of 17.

The Southern District has the highest rate (7.5%) of single- parent families with children under the age of 17, compared with the national average of 5.9%, the report found. In contrast, Judea and Samaria has the highest rate (69%) of families with children under the age of 17, compared with the national average of 49%.

According to the report, 2.62 million children under the age of 17 live with their families.

The vast majority, 92%, live with both their parents, while the remainder live with only one parent.

The average number of children under the age of 17 per family in 2015 stood at 2.4-2.3 among the Jewish population and 2.7 among the Arab population.

The number of Arab families with four or more children under the age of 17 was double that of Jewish families.

The report also addressed the average household expenditure for families. In 2015, this figure stood at NIS 15,407, while households with children spent on average 1.4 times more than those without children.

Similarly, in 2013, the average monthly salary per household stood at NIS 18,671, while monthly salaries in households with children was on average 1.3 times higher than households without.

According to the data, of the total Jewish households in 2015, 79.1% had family members who were employed, compared with 78.5% of Arab households.

A second report by CBS found that the most common last name in Israel in 2016 was Cohen, followed by Levi, Mizrahi and Peretz. One out of every 25 Jews had a last name of either Cohen or Levi.

Among Muslims, the most common family name was Agbariya, among Christians it was Huri, and among Druze it was Halabi.

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