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Donald Trump website Server Penetrated by Iraqi Hackers

On Sunday, one of President Donald Trump’s website servers was overtaken by a person claiming to be from Iraq. With growing speculation that the president continues to use an unsecured smartphone, along with concerns raised by former National Security Councilman Richard Clarke,questions about the safety and security of the nation abound. The server was hacked by someone calling themselves “Pro_Mast3r”, who managed to deface the server associated with the President’s campaign fundraising. As explained by Ars Technica:

“The server,, is behind Cloudflare’s content management and security platform, and does not appear to be directly linked from the Trump Pence campaign’s home page. But it does appear to be an actual Trump campaign server –its certificate is legitimate.”

Currently the server is offline; however, when attempting to access the page, the image of a man in a fedora was displayed with the following message:

“Hacked By Pro_Mast3r – Attacker Gov. Nothing Is Impossible. Peace From Iraq”

The source code of the website contains a link to javascript code on a Google Code account, now defunct, associated with the hacking of three other sites and the archive of the script shows that it is not malware.

The Hacker News published an article in October last year reporting that the mail servers operated by Trump’s organization during the 2016 presidential election campaign were highly insecure. It turns out that the servers used for his websites are not as secure either, opposite to what he has constantly claimed. In December 2015 his presidential campaign website was also hacked, displaying an alternate version.

The Trump-Pence campaign team has not given any official statement yet. Nevertheless, this contributes to the growing speculation around the alleged insecurity of the White House and the President’s servers.

Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

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