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Employers looking for staff should venture out

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In “Still looking” (Business, Feb. 5), Deirdre Fernandes writes, “Employers fret that they can’t find enough workers.” In fact, there are hundreds of qualified, educated, eager, and capable candidates, working hard to keep their skills sharp. They network at area job-search support groups and trade and professional associations.

The paradigm has changed for candidates. The same is true for employers, who have the most power to effect change. Managers can no longer post on the Internet and wait for resumes to flow in, seeking perfection. Instead of excuses to exclude, look for reasons to include. You’ll find candidates who can do the job who bring new ideas and new thinking. Be open to possibilities. Hiring is an adventure, an innately human endeavor. There are no shortcuts.


Visit these job-search groups and trade and professional associations. At Acton Networkers, for example, which meets at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church on Friday mornings, you’ll meet candidates from a variety of profession and see them in their natural environment, without the interview facade. Have a conversation with candidates. Ask, “Does it make sense for us to work together?”

Finally, stay in contact with competitive candidates. Don’t leave them hanging, wondering.

Susan Shepherd

West Roxbury

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