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Want to avoid Trump businesses? There’s a browser extension for that.

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A local startup is offering online shoppers a way to identify — and, if they feel so inclined, avoid — companies that stock goods with ties to President Trump before they head to the digital checkout line.

On Presidents Day, DoneGood, which first launched on Cyber Monday last year to help customers find ethical alternatives to major brands and corporations, added to its existing Google Chrome extension a forewarning so users can “vote with your wallet,” according to the company.


Once a person downloads the browser extension, DoneGood flags websites that sell Trump brands by displaying a large, red box in the top-right corner of the page. The box contains a warning that reads, “Alert!,” which is punctuated by an image resembling Trump’s signature haircut.

Shoppers can send directly through the extension a tweet to the company asking them to stop selling the items. DoneGood will also recommend to consumers similar websites that don’t have merchandise bearing the president’s name, and are “doing good for people and the planet,” said Cullen Schwarz, DoneGood’s co-founder.

“If you’re boycotting a Trump business, but then still doing business with a company that makes their products in an overseas sweatshop somewhere, are the folks who are boycotting Trump really helping to create the world that they want to see?” said Schwarz.

The company’s politically-motivated project mirrors the #grabyourwallet campaign, a financial protest of Trump’s businesses and products that was born on social media prior to the election.

Some have argued that such protests are ineffective in the long-term, and can impact workers rather than a company’s bottom line.


Schwarz, a former press secretary for the Department of Agriculture, said when the company first launched, they had no plans to enter the political battlefield. But as users continued to rely on recommendations generated through DoneGood’s Chrome extension, they asked for a way to also pinpoint those selling Trump products, Schwarz said.

“We were focused on issues like higher worker pay, and environmental sustainability,” said Schwarz. “We … believe that the president’s agenda does stand in opposition to the core ideals on which DoneGood was founded.”

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