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John Oliver uses Putin pop song to (again) try to educate Donald Trump

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Warning: Video contains graphic language

It seems like John Oliver has a reoccurring theme this season: The education of Donald Trump.

The host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” again targeted the president by airing a lengthy segment on foreign relations between the United States and Russia, focusing especially on the reign of Vladimir Putin.


Oliver took stabs at Putin’s famous (and seemingly contrived) photo shoots, including a shot of him bare-chested on a horse, one of him staring at a baby chick, and another after he dove for — and actually found — historic artifacts.

“In Russia, he’s not some comic book villain,” Oliver said. “To many, he’s a comic book hero. He’s genuinely popular there. For years, he even had his own pop song.”

Oliver then showed a video clip of a group of women singing and dancing along to a techno-heavy tune singing the praises of the Russian leader.

And that gave Oliver an idea.

“Someone needs quickly to get into Trump’s ear,” Oliver said. “So we put together a quick explanation guaranteed to stick in Trump’s mind in the catchiest possible form.”


So of course, at the end of the show, Oliver hired a group of women to sing said pop song . . . albeit with much different lyrics.

“Beware of Putin, he’s ruthless and shrewd; if you’re not careful we’ll all end up screwed,” the women sang. “A man like Putin is really bad; that you need that explained is just so [expletive] sad.”

Although this is only the second show of the season for Oliver, it appears he is hitting on the same theme each time: Trying to get Trump’s attention and then subsequently delivering a message.

Last week, Oliver announced that he had made TV ads aimed at enlightening the president — and that those ads would air the following morning on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News.

“There is one small way we wanted to try and sneak some useful facts into his media diet,” Oliver said last week. “As we now know, he watches morning cable news for information. So we’ve created a series of commercials in an attempt to bring him up to speed on information he may lack.”

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