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Mix of snow and rain to slush up Thursday morning

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The third storm to hit Boston in a week gifted commuters a mix of rain and snow for Thursday morning.

Alternating between flakes and droplets, temperatures are expected to peak at around 37 degrees, before plummeting down the lower 20s tonight, according to National Weather Service meterologist Matthew Belk.


Gusty winds, however, will make it feel much colder, Belk said, causing the daytime to feel like it’s in the low 20s and in teens later tonight.

With temperatures hovering around the freezing point, drivers should take it slow this morning, particularly if they’re coming from outside of Intertstate 495, where there hasn’t been a lot of preciptation.

“Be wary of the potential for black ice,” Belk said, adding that untreated roads are likely to have slush build up as well.

Thursday’s rain and snow should clear out by the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean Boston will get a good look at the sun. According to Belk, Rhode Island has a better chance of seeing the sun.

Still, despite the dreary day ahead, there’s no reason to fret about the frequency of these past storms, Belk said, because, “looking ahead, we’re going to be dry most of next week.”


In other words, this isn’t looking like a repeat of Snowmageddon 2015.

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