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Even a huge rock couldn’t help this man break into the store

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A rock, a window, and a will to get inside: It might have been a winning combination for a robbery.

What the suspect may not have accounted for, however, was the plexiglass.


Norwood police on Thursday shared a video of a suspect trying to bust into a local convenience store with a sizeable stone — only to see his task turn Sisyphean as the projectile repeatedly bounced harmlessly into the newfallen snow along Pleasant Street last Friday.

Once, twice, three times the hooded suspect hurls the rock, eventually resorting to an old-timey, overhead basketball shot. The window stands strong even as the surveillance camera shakes, but the plexiglass finally gives way on his fourth effort.

Luckily for Pam’s market, police said the suspect was scared off by a passing car before he could get inside.

“While we use a sense of humor, the fact is that the suspect committed a serious offense and a local business was inconvenienced,” police said in a Facebook post sharing the video.

The video has met with more than a few chuckles online on Thursday, but the incident is no joke to Sam Patel, the owner of Pam’s Market who had to come out in the snow in the middle of the night after the attempted break-in.


“I was real mad,” Patel said in an interview. “It was 3 o’ clock in the morning.”

Not only that, he said, the window cost $300 to replace.

Norwood police asked anyone with information to e-mail
or call

781-440-5100. Anonymous tipsters can call 781-550-5181.

Andy Rosen can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @andyrosen.

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