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Twitter Digs Up Hypocritical Trump Tweet As His Presidency Descends Into Chaos ⋆ Epeak . Independent news and blogs

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‘Investigate’ – Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump may still cling to the belief that he’ll build his wall, but he may not be able to stop the one crumbling down around him. As pressure from National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation continues to mount, the president is desperately searching for ways to change the narrative. He went on a twitter rampage this morning, trying to pin his troubles on Hillary Clinton to no avail. But in the ultimate form of irony, it’s his past twitter usage that now has users clamoring for Trump to follow his own advice.  Thanks to the brilliance of the Trump Twitter Archive, this 2012 tweet from then-private citizen Donald Trump was discovered:

Naturally, his call for an independent counsel to investigate national security leaks was the perfect opening for some authentic twitter-trolling: 

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The president broke the 35,000 tweet-mark with his rantings this morning, but he probably wishes he started the day with 34,999. Elementary school kids are warned that whatever you put on social media can be there forever, but apparently the President of the United States hasn’t given that much thought. He’s given Americans the opportunity to highlight hypocrisy with every turn his administration takes.

Furthermore, it gives us a perspective of how the president and his backers would react if the same situation shadowed President Obama. So how about following this advice and appointing an independent counsel to investigate not only the leaks, but the information that led to them? What kind of honest American could have an objection to that?

Clearly not Donald Trump.


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