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Pair from the Boston area are skating on sunshine in Disney tour

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Tommy Do plays Shang from “Mulan” in “Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart.”

Tommy Do plays Shang from “Mulan” in “Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart.”

When you’re wallowing in 6 inches of slush, Disney World might feel like a cruel, faraway dream. But for Tommy Do and Lauren McCabe, two professional skaters from Massachusetts, the Disney universe is like a second home. Do, 27, plays Shang from “Mulan” and McCabe, 20, is Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” in “Follow Your Heart,” the Disney on Ice show that comes to the TD Garden Friday for 18 performances through Feb. 26. The show features characters from “Inside Out,” “Finding Dory,” and many more of the Disney classics that your kids freak out over. Do and McCabe spoke to the Globe by phone from a tour stop in Chicago about their days training in Brighton, the most satisfying parts of their job, and their favorite Disney movies.

Q. How’d you guys end up on the Disney on Ice team?


Do: We were both figure skaters in the competitive circuit. I stopped doing that at the age of 14, though, and thought I’d just do the normal thing and go to college like everyone else. But when they were producing “High School Musical [On Ice],” I got contacted through some of my coaches to do an audition. I did that, and they cast me! I wasn’t actively pursuing it, but it kind of fell into my lap. The thing I love so much about figure skating is the performance side, so it was a perfect transition for me. It never really occurred to me [as a career] honestly, but now that I’m here I feel very blessed and lucky.

Lauren McCabe portrays Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.”

McCabe: I competed all through high school, and some of my friends had done Disney on Ice, so when I did make the move to college, I always had it in the back of my mind. The opportunity just came up when they happened to be in town, so I sent them a tape and got a role. It was something that I thought I never wanted to do. When the opportunity presented itself I had to really think, is this something that I would be really interested in? It’s definitely grown on me, and I feel like the performance aspect is something I really enjoy. I get to focus on just performing instead of worrying about technical things, like jumps.

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Q. So you two skated at the same rink when you were younger, the Skating Club of Boston, over in Brighton. Did you know each other then?

McCabe: No, since Tommy is older than me we never really had overlap.

The Skating Club of Boston is one of the top training centers. A lot of competitors from all over the world come. It was very much a competitive arena, and a little intimidating. But we were very motivated skaters.


Q. Did you guys ever go to Disney on Ice performances when you were younger?

Do: I did. My parents took me to “Beauty and the Beast” and “Toy Story.” I also saw “100 Years of Magic,” which is cool because I actually have gotten to perform in that show as a skater with Disney.

McCabe: No, my parents never took me, actually. [Laughs]

Q. A lot of your job is making children happy. What’s that like?

Do: There’s nothing really like it. It’s one of the best jobs to have, to be applauded the two hours you’re at work. Just constant gratification. It feels really good to have people respond so positively. Plus, it gives us a little pressure to do our jobs well and portray the characters well. Being able to go to towns and bring the Disney magic to people that may not be able to go to Florida [home of Disney World] it’s really something that we take pride in.

McCabe: [I] definitely agree with everything Tommy said. My favorite part of each show is the finale, when all the characters get to come back on the ice. It’s just a time where we can really be up close and personal. It’s like a last hurrah with the crowd.

Q. Does this show have any added importance, given that it’s so close to where you grew up?

Do: Every Disney on Ice performance that I saw as a kid was at the TD Garden. It’s my fourth time performing there now, and I love it every single time. I love seeing my family’s reaction. Plus, some of my old friends have their own children now, so I love talking to them and having those interactions.

McCabe: I’ve only ever seen skating performances at the TD Garden, so I think it’ll definitely be unique.

Q. I have to ask: favorite Disney movies?

Do: I love “The Incredibles.” I’ve seen it maybe upwards of 15 times.

McCabe: Mine is “The Little Mermaid.” It’s really special that I get to play my all-time favorite Disney character.

DISNEY ON ICE: “Follow Your Heart”

At the TD Garden, Feb. 17-26. Tickets: Starting at $15, 800-745-3000,

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