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Applied to Harvard this year? You’re one of 39,494

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A record 39,494 people applied to be part of Harvard’s class of 2021, the school says.

The number represents a 1.2 percent increase from the previous year. The number accepted to each year’s freshman class hovers around 2,000.


The number of women who applied for the class of 2021 increased by 2.5 percent; women now make up 49.9 percent of applicants.

The college said that the admissions pool was as economically and geographically diverse as last year’s.

Harvard also saw a 3 percent increase in students interested in studying humanities.

Deborah Foster, director of undergraduate studies in theater, dance & media told the Harvard Gazette that students are drawn to Harvard to pursue a top-notch liberal arts education along with strong training in theater and dance.

“They are thrilled by the prospect of truly integrating the history and theory of theater and dance with the serious practice of these art forms,” Foster said.


Now, the waiting game begins for applicants. They will be anxiously refreshing their emails and online portals March 30, when regular admission decisions are announced.

Already, 938 students have been accepted through the Harvard’s early action program, from a pool of 6,473 applicants.

Combined tuition, room, board, and fees total $63,025, but the majority of students receive financial aid. Since 2005, the college said, benefactors have allowed Harvard to award nearly $1.6 billion in grants to undergraduates.​

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