Hell in a handbasket

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Hell in a handbasket

by digby

It looks like two things made the difference in the  2016 presidential race: whether you think the country is generally going to hell in a handbasket and the personalities of the two candidates.

The November Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, conducted one week after the 2016 presidential election, finds health care played a limited role in voters’ 2016 election decisions, with larger shares of voters saying the biggest factor in their vote was the direction of the country (31 percent), Donald Trump’s personal characteristics (15 percent), jobs and the economy (15 percent), or Hillary Clinton’s personal characteristics (12 percent), than who say the same about health care (8 percent).

I’m going to guess that everything now depends on the economy imporving enough for trump to take credit and some empty gestures on his part.

Democrats had better start recruiting a candidate  from outside the political realm and preferable one not from show business because only GOP iconoclasts can com from the entertainment field lest they be seen as Barbra Streisand squishes. I’m thinking athletics would be the right fit, one who can relate to the “working class” while also being super rich and famous and successful. Somebody like Tom Brady, only a Democrat. (Actually that’s not really necessary but would be nice.) After all, it clearly doesn’t even matter if he has a brain in his head or knows anything at all about politics so why should we have a president who is a member of the party or has any political philosophy at all?

Start looking for our next leader people. A “change agent” who will make sure the Real Americans feel like they’re the most important people in the whole wide world.


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