What 17 super-successful people wish they knew at 22

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At 22, you were just graduating from college, entering the "real world," and embarking on your professional journey.

Looking back, maybe you'd rewrite your past — or, perhaps you're content with the decisions you made at that time in your life. Either way, there are probably a few things you wish you knew then that you know now.

That's exactly what LinkedIn asked its network of top minds across all fields to write about for its "If I Were 22" editorial packages.

Successful thought leaders — also known as Influencers — shared original posts filled with pearls of wisdom for young people based on what they wish they had known at 22. Here's what 17 successful people had to say:

Angela Ahrendts: Honor humility

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If the Senior Vice President of Apple Retail were 22, she writes that she would frequently thank her family and friends, regardless of how small their gesture was.

"The world is not here to serve me, rather I am here to serve the world," Ahrendts writes.

Read her full LinkedIn post here.

Suze Orman: It's OK to take time to figure out what you want.

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When the personal finance guru was 22, she and a few friends left Illinois and headed to Berkeley, California, where she spent her days helping clear away trees and brush.

"That was followed by a seven-year stretch of waitressing," she writes. "It wasn't until I was 30 that I landed a job — as a stock broker trainee — that put me on the path that leads directly to where I am today."

She says she wouldn't suggest that every 22-year-old take eight years to find the path they want to pursue — but she does hope that they give themselves the time and space to figure things out.

"That's not a license for laziness. I worked, and worked hard, in my 20s. And I wouldn't trade the experiences I had during that time. But if there is a 22-year-old out there reading this and feeling adrift, I have this to say to you: Been there, done that. And look at me — it all turned out better than fine, right?"

Read her full LinkedIn post here.

Jim Kim: Get to know people from every income level and understand their worlds.

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When the president at the World Bank turned 22, he was quite unhappy. He was just two months into his first year at Harvard Medical School, where he spent every night memorizing anatomy out of a textbook. "It seemed a real letdown," he writes.

In his late 20s, Kim travelled to Haiti, Peru, and Siberia to work in poor or disadvantaged communities. While many of the people he met there had almost nothing and were illiterate, he says they were incredibly wise, and you would be ignorant to underestimate them.

"Listen to the poor because their aspirations are as high as anyone's and all of us will need to face the task of making the world more inclusive and just," he says.

Read his full LinkedIn post here.

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