Trump’s mysterious assets are a political liability.

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Trump's mysterious assets are a political liability.

Foggy Trump Tower. Credit: Dithie.
  • Ivanka Trump claims that the Trump Organization provides all employees with paid maternity leave; employees disagree.
  • Further scenarios to be considered in the case of a Trump White House.
  • New York's Attorney General gives Clinton charities a pass on disclosing millions from foreign donors.
  • Trump's mysterious foundation has no clear purpose, but it did once buy a $20,000 portrait of Trump himself.
  • Trump has received nearly $900 million in tax breaks on his New York properties, often obtained by the means you'd expect from him.
  • Trump Foundation has used over $250,000 of other people's money to pay off settlements from lawsuits against Trump's other assets.
  • Employees at Trump golf courses in SoCal know to only staff hot hostesses when Trump comes to visit.
  • The Trump Organization spent thousands unsuccessfully trying to break into the Cuban market in the late '90s, violating the trade embargo.
  • Filings suggest Trump spent nearly $300,000 from his Foundation's coffers to lay the infrastructure for his presidential run.
  • BuzzFeed News obtains copies of three of Trump's bankruptcy filings.
  • Nearly $50 million of Trump's $916 million loss was unpaid bills to small contractors; he was able to use their losses to his gain.
  • Trump Org. leased office space to a state-owned Iranian bank with links to terrorist acts.
  • The Donald has a long history of destroying and hiding important documents in lawsuits.
  • Direct evidence shows the Trump Foundation using charity money to benefit his family—but does anyone care?
  • Trump's tweets about illegal votes are a smokescreen to obscure much bigger problems about his business dealings.

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