Trump thanks supporters, revives fiery campaign rhetoric in Ohio victory rally

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President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence held a raucous rally in Ohio on Thursday, celebrating their victory in the US presidential election.

After thanking the crowd, Trump said, "America is going to start winning again, big league."

The president-elect's remarks Thursday night closely resembled his campaign speeches, touching upon his positions on the US economy, jobs, domestic policy, and immigration.

Trump also made a surprise announcement, confirming the appointment of retired Marine Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis for the role of defense secretary.

"But we’re not announcing it until Monday, so don’t tell anybody," Trump quipped.

Notably, Trump also appeared to take a stand against far-right, white-supremacist, nationalist groups who have latched on to his coattails: "We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all its forms. We denounce all of the hatred and forcefully reject the language of exclusion," he said to some applause and cheers.

Trump revived his attacks on news organizations, pointing directly to reporters covering the event inside the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati: "The people back there the extremely dishonest press. Very dishonest people. … I mean how dishonest," before going on a lengthy tirade against journalists and pundits who predicted he would lose to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Chants of "lock her up" were heard — a common refrain lobbed at Clinton before the election.

After Trump won, he reversed an earlier promise to seek the prosecution of the former secretary of state over her use of a private email server.

Trump victory tour CincinnatiAP Photo/Evan Vucci

The victory rally comes nearly one month after Trump's surprise win and amid a bustle of new Cabinet appointments ahead of the president-elect's inauguration on January 20.

Thursday night's rally also played out under the lingering spectre of vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted dismissed those efforts in remarks at the event, saying "as your chief elections official, I signed the document certifying President-elect Donald Trump as the winner of the state of Ohio."

The crowd erupted.

Trump CincinnatiAP Photo/Evan Vucci

Calling the results "remarkable," Husted said "he won by a margin of 450,000 votes in our state."

Before Trump took the stage, a handful of speakers delivered remarks applauding his positions on domestic and foreign policy as the crowd chanted in fits and starts — at one point reviving the "drain the swamp" and "build the wall" chants often heard on the campaign trail.

Since the election, however, Trump appears not to have spent much time contemplating such matters.

The Washington Post reported last week that the president-elect has turned away daily classified intelligence briefings and has added some billionaire Wall Street bankers to his Cabinet, despite railing against such individuals before he was elected.

All told, Trump will preside over the wealthiest Cabinet in US history, according to the Los Angeles Times, if his picks are ultimately confirmed by Congress.

Trump closed his speech on Thursday asking supporters to keep believing in him: "The script is not yet written. We do not know what the next page will read. But I'll tell you, it's gonna be a great page."

"What we do know is that the pages will be authored by each one of you."

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