This gadget will let you create the best videos you’ve ever made with your smartphone

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The other day, a friendly Norwegian BMX pro named Didrik Dimmen popped by the Business Insider office to show off a handheld smartphone stabilizer called the FlowMotion One.

It's designed to keep your smartphone perfectly stable no matter how much you move your hands, and it has some pretty nifty features to set it apart from other smartphone stabilizers out there.

The FlowMotion One is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign — so far, it's raised $215,000 of its humble $30,000 goal at the time of writing, and it has 40 more days to raise even more funding.

The FlowMotion One will have a full retail cost of $299 when it's released in March 2017, but there's still a few of the $199 packages left on Kickstarter.

Here's what's so great about the FlowMotion One:

This is the FlowMotion One, a smartphone stabilizer.


It holds your phone and keeps it stable no matter how much you move your hands.

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It lets your smartphone record ultra-smooth video without the shaking or jittering you'd normally see when you hold it with your hands. (That's Didrik running, by the way.)

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We tried a prototype of the FlowMotion One, and the results were very similar to the GIF above.

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