These are the top 20 party cities in the US and Canada

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If you live in California, congratulations: Your state is home to five of the nation's hardest-partying cities.

Evite, the event-planning and invitation website, compiled a list of the top party cities in the US and Canada based on the number of events, parties, and gatherings over the past 12 months in cities across North America.

The holiday season is the most popular time of year for parties, and if you feel as if your schedule is especially packed over the next month, you're not alone: Most holiday parties occur the week after Thanksgiving and the last two Saturdays before Christmas.

Here are the cities that party the most.

20. West Hollywood, California


Number of events this year: 23,032

19. Phoenix

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Events this year: 24,488

18. Raleigh, North Carolina


Events this year: 26,647

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