The placemats of the future will be televised.

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The placemats of the future will be televised.

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, Grand Central Terminal. Credit: Wijnanda Deroo.
  • Profile of Times restaurant critic Pete Wells, whose reviews have changed the entire form.
  • Another unseen victim of foodie culture: America's "gay restaurants."
  • Post-Brexit, Britain is scheduled to lose its curry credentials.
  • Cold brew and flash brew don't mean our coffee tastes have become more refined, but that we need trends to follow.
  • Watch as 16 chefs make 32 dishes—with rice, egg, tomato, and peach—then watch them do it backwards and in slow motion.
  • How Dunkin' Donuts continues to beat Starbucks and craft coffee for New England's affection.
  • Is the term "oriental" really so offensive, and who is so offended by it?
  • Restaurant reviews on Yelp are the new water cooler/bar stool/shouting match.
  • Mobb Deep rapper releases a cookbook for healthy eating—in prison
  • After 10 years at Grub Street, Adam Platt reflects on how blogs have democratized the restaurant industry.
  • Meet Murree Brewery, Pakistan's only major alcohol producer—and a key part of peace in India-Pakistan relations.
  • The tyranny of pumpkin spice is all-powerful—but is it racist?
  • "Drinking parity" achieved: Women now drink as much booze as men.
  • Watch a robot eat haute cuisine chips and dip from the world's best restaurant.
  • The most dangerous cup of coffee in the world involves machete fights.
  • How Trump will affect our dining is unclear, especially since many pre-election proposals have been deleted from his website.
  • The racial hierarchy of the "Old South" is still visible in New Orleans' famous restaurants.
  • Millenials keep restaurants open during the holidays.
  • New York City has half as many diners as it did 20 years ago—those "antidotes to urban loneliness."

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