Stunning photos of the most beautiful buildings in the world

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Fabrice Fouillet

Every year, the Arcaid Awards honors the best architectural photography of the year.

This year's finalists capture the intricate geometry of buildings in interior shots, as well as towers that loom over landscapes in exterior photography.

The winning photographer, Matt Emmett, photographed the underground majesty of the East London Water Works reservoir in London. Here's what it looks like, along with the other 19 finalists.

Emmett's photo of London's Covered Reservoir is the first time the prestigious award was given to a historic location.

Matt Emmett

This photo of China's Shanghai Tower soaring into the smog and clouds has a strong color contrast.

Nick Almasy

The Musee de Confluences in Lyon, France, has a dappled, reflective surface that can be studied endlessly.

Fabrice Fouillet
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