How Should Reason Cover The Trump Era? Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Matt Welch Debate

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How should libertarians—and Reason magazine,, and Reason TV—feel about the prospects of the Trump era? And should libertarians be optimistic about how social, economic, and political freedom will fare under a president who talked about "closing that Internet up in some ways" and going after newspapers that wrote negative stories about him, invoked protectionism and and nationalism without missing a cue, and recently called for yanking the citizenship of flag burners?

Those are some of the questions that I put to my colleagues Matt Welch, editor at large at Reason, and Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor in chief of Reason magazine, in the newest Reason Podcast (subscribe to it at iTunes now!). Our discussion should be comforting for libertarians who believe in "Free Minds and Free Markets"—and the serious, fact-based journalism, analysis, and investigative reporting that has always characterized our work. "Logic, not legends. Coherence, not contradictions," announced the first issue of Reason back in 1968. While folks on the broadly defined left busy themselves with scare stories about the end of the world and set about overthrowing the Electoral College and folks on the right alternate between their own style of pants-wetting and embrace of Trump's economic and demographic nationalism, our print, web, and video journalism will be looking at the actual effects of policies and always advocating for more choice and freedom in how we choose to live our lives. As important, we'll be looking at all the ways in which people are moving beyond government and creating a better, fairer, and more-prosperous 21st century without asking or waiting for anyone's permission.

Katherine, Matt, and I also talk about the new graphic redesign for the print magazine—its first facelift in 15 years!—and how we encountered Reason for the first time. It's a rollicking conversation that embodies the open-minded, animated, and optimistic of the only journalism outfit that has drawn praise over the years from Rush Limbaugh, the ACLU, and everyone in-between.

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Listen to the podcast by clicking below.

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