How do you know a human’s nearby? Look for waste.

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How do you know a human's nearby? Look for waste.

Thanksgiving special: René Magritte. Credit: Hannah Rothstein.
  • Empirical data about waste and climate change become music.
  • Stinky trees last longer in polluted urban environments
  • AFP photographer Joseph Eid documents heaping piles of garbage in Beirut, including its new "ski mountain."
  • Engineer Arthur Huang goes through the basics of up-cycling trash.
  • Thanks to "fast fashion," people are disposing of clothes twice as quickly.
  • Lawmakers take the easy way out by blaming climate change for natural disasters.
  • Spectral analysis could make food waste a thing of the past.
  • Our discarded plastics kill sea birds because they smell so damn good.
  • California becomes the first state to ban single-use plastic bags completely.
  • All the junk we cannot see: Astronauts have left behind 40,000 pieces of trash.
  • Approximately 204 million pounds of turkey were discarded this Thanksgiving.

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