Hillary may have lost, but women are still crushing it every day.

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Hillary may have lost, but women are still crushing it every day.

Young lady with working bees. Credit: Joseph Todorovitch.
  • Cindy Gallop: Empowerment isn't just for the boardroom.
  • FLOTUS does pop culture better than you.
  • Alcohol: the sad new feminism.
  • Women are statistically proven to be better at nearly everything—maybe even political leadership.
  • New financial thriller—written, directed, and produced by women—reflects rare truths that rarely show up on the big screen.
  • Why outsource jobs when we've got the cheapest workforce right here: women!
  • “Shine theory” urges women to befriend powerful women rather than compete with them.
  • Forget shrill—as Hillary Clinton took on progressively masculine roles, she began to talk more like a man.
  • Hillary Clinton is the most closely observed woman in America, but we haven’t figured out how to interpret the data yet.
  • Many women are spooks, but only a third of the CIA's leadership is female.
  • There’s a good chance we’ll see a record number of female Senators come November—and our government will be much improved.
  • Visceral backlash against Hillary’s candidacy can be linked to a social phenomenon called “precarious manhood.”
  • Why we’re more likely to interpret women’s facial expressions as emotions and men’s as reactions.
  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer faces a sex discrimination lawsuit from a former employee who claims he was fired for being male.
  • Kellyanne Conway is today's most visible embodiment of the “glass cliff.”
  • There's more to Melania's People protest than just typical Trumpian crazy.
  • In 1920, temperance ladies of Oregon routed local elections.
  • Michele Obama explains how Trump and Bush's word vomit isn't "boys will be boys."
  • In Iceland, a politician breastfeeding while giving a speech is routine.
  • Authors pay homage to Michelle Obama.
  • Huma Abedin revealed by Wikileaks to be a very Clinton-specific Google search of a human being.
  • A Muslim Somali refugee is poised to win in the Minnesota legislature—representing a non-Muslim-majority district of Minneapolis.
  • How Donald Trump created the "Nasty Woman" economy.
  • Wonder Woman is now an ambassador for the United Nations, and lots of people have a problem with that.
  • Pussy Riot weighs in on the US presidential election with a perfectly timed ode to the ladyflower.
  • Fact: The "Hillary treatment" extends to Hong Kong. Fiction: Coco Austin is the president of Croatia.
  • Pope Francis put another nail in the coffin of female priesthood—but with a catch.
  • Louis C.K. dismantles the patriarchy and reinforces it all in one monologue.
  • Megyn Kelly is rapidly becoming the face of many conservative women.
  • Whatever the outcome of the election is, the GOP needs to decide if women have a place in its future.
  • Video: Was 2016 the nastiest year for women ever?
  • The “Jill Robinson effect” explains why women who are elected to office tend to perform better than their male counterparts.
  • Women legislators are different because they focus on accountability and accomplishments.
  • Gwen Ifill, one of the most trusted voices in the media, will be missed.
  • If you can bear one more post-mortem, Rebecca Traister gets to the heart of why Clinton's loss gutted so many.
  • Strong, unseen administrative leaders—frequently women—make all the difference between an organization's success or failure.
  • Maryland's Cowgirls of Color are fighting to prove they can excel in a sport long dominated by white men.
  • The woman behind Trump's gilded curtain: A brief profile of Rebekah Mercer.
  • For women in the public eye, makeup is never really “just makeup”—and few are as intimately aware of this fact as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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