Here’s what the inside of Uber’s self-driving car looks like

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Business Insider/Corey Protin

Uber's self-driving cars have been transporting people around Pittsburgh for over two months now.

Uber reached out to roughly 1,000 regular users when it first launched the pilot program in September, asking if they would like the opportunity to hail a ride in a self-driving car. The program has since expanded the scope of the pilot, but Uber won't provide specific numbers as to how many people got an invite.

But we do know two Pittsburgh steelers got a chance to ride in one per a promotional Uber video and thought the car did a "really good" job.

We also got a chance to ride in a self-driving Uber in September — here's a look inside.

Uber is using a Ford Fusion decked out with autonomous tech. There's a giant spinning lidar on top and 20 different cameras. The car also uses GPS and radar to locate itself and avoid obstacles.

Business Insider/Corey Protin

Once you slide into the backseat, you'll see a giant display greeting you that asks you to confirm that only two passengers are in the car. That's because there's a safety driver and an engineer sitting up front to monitor the car and make sure everything goes according to plan.

Business Insider/Danielle Muoio

The display also reminds you not to change your route since the cars can only operate in select locations. Currently, these locations include downtown Pittsburgh and the Shadyside neighborhood.

Business Insider/Danielle Muoio
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