Check out all the different ways you can recharge a Tesla (TSLA)

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Matthew DeBord/Business Insider

This past summer, I drove my kids to camp in the Catskills. Our chariot for the journey was a Tesla.

And not just any Model S, but a P90D with Ludicrous Mode: the baddest, fastest, coolest Tesla in all the land.

The idea was to see if this four-door luxury "family car" with supercar-beating acceleration — 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, claimed — could handle a journey of decent length (about 240 miles round trip) involving two adults, three kids, and the gear of a pair of campers for two weeks.

Quite a test, eh? And we decided to put the Model S through its charging paces. All of them — including some we didn't expect!

Read on to learn about all the different ways you can rejuice this most famous of electric cars.

The pearl white Tesla, equipped with everything, landed in the driveway of our suburban New Jersey test car HQ.

Matthew DeBord/Business Insider

It was a Model S, in P90D trim. The "P" for "performance," the "90" for the 90 kWh battery pack, and the "D" for a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup.

Matthew DeBord/Business Insider

The trip would cover 117 miles, one-way.

Matthew DeBord/Business Insider
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